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Unlock your child's true potential with the help of one of the most effective and non-prescription based Attention Deficit training programs. Help your child, teen, or young adult.

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Help Your Child Control ADD

Learn how a simple and short training program can help your child conquer Attention Deficit Disorder quickly and without medications.
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Finally Conquer ADHD

Is your bright and creative child having trouble in school? A brainwave training and behavior shaping program inspired by NASA may help!
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Personal NLP Life Coaching

Learn more about this life coaching service that uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you achieve success in everything you do.
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Help Your Child Today!

Play Attention is a breakthrough using brainwave training and behavior shaping inspired by NASA to help your child focus and gain success.

How Does it Work?

  • Child Receives Custom Assessment
  • We Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Schedule Play Attention Sessions
  • Program Completed in 40 Hours!
  • Immediate Results and Improvement
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Contact us today to schedule your FOCUS Assessment and the first Play Attention training session is free! We'll help your bright and creative child be successful in everything they do.

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