Health Benefits of Owning Dog

The Health Benefits of Owning Dog

Are the kids hounding you for a family pet? Do you know all the benefits of owning a dog can do for your health and the family? Here are just a few of the many reasons why it’s good to have a dog in your home.

11218840_mlAccording to an article, “How a Family Pet Can Help You”

“Dogs can help symptoms of depression because they are pack animals and instinctively form close bonds with other members of their “pack” or family. By their very nature, they will help provide emotional support to other members of their pack by being loyal and affectionate companions.

Physical Touch
• The sheer presence of a dog is calming – you’re instinctively drawn to stroke or pet them. This can be especially helpful for people suffering from anxiety disorders or panic attacks
• The sense of Touch is hugely beneficial psychologically – the act of stroking your pet can be soothing, and so improve your mood if you are down or depressed. It can also lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

Affection and Self Esteem
• Pets are uncomplicated – they don’t have their own agendas and they love you unconditionally
• Caring for another living being and receiving affection in return is great for anyone’s self-esteem – especially if you are lonely, bereaved or depressed.

Reducing Isolation and loneliness
• Dogs are a talking point and “social lubricant”- small as it may seem a simple exchange of pleasantries between dog owners in the park can be hugely helpful if you are feeling isolated, depressed or anxious. They also tend to be a good supply of silly stories to help break the ice
• Dog-related activities can form the beginnings of new hobbies, friendships. Activities vary from basic obedience to fly ball or dog agility classes.” To read the entire article click here.

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