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New Visions Coaching has helped many adults and children achieve meaningful change in their lives through specialized coaching techniques and scientifically proven neurocognitive training for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). New Visions Coaching provides children, teens, and adults with customized ADD and ADHD coaching and training that allows success in school and work, throughout their lives, to a point of permanence.

Whether it’s the FOCUS Assessment, NASA inspired Play Attention neurocognitive training, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coaching, ADD/ADHD Coaching, or Nanny’s Circle, find out what New Visions Coaching training and coaching programs have done for others, and contact us today to get started!

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Ann Helped Me To Unfold


Ann helped me to unfold some of the layers that prevented me from achieving my goal of becoming a court reporter. Her ability to gather information that was embedded within my subconscious was key. Ann gave me some very valuable tools that put me on the road to success.

-Carrie L

Ann Was Able To Acknowledge My Long Term Goals.


Ann was able to acknowledge my long term goals within the framework of logical, one step at a time coaching tailored for my present situation. She was friendly and easy to work with, while at the same time resolute in ensuring that I stayed focused on the results that we were working for. I am pleased to recommend her as a personal coach.

-Steve L.

Much Happier With Herself and the World


Victoria, an 8 year-old, third grader in Orange, CA, joined our academic tutoring program following the receipt of her report card for the first trimester. She was in need of Academic Intervention and at risk of retention. Victoria struggled with her working and spatial memory unable to retain from day-to-day what she was learning in the classroom. Learning was even more difficult for Victoria because she was unable to sustain her attentiveness, focus, and concentration.

Since November 2015, Victoria has been using Play Attention two times a week. Following each session, she receives educational coaching and skills development in reading and math. Victoria was able to concentrate and remember what she was learning using this approach after the second month on Play Attention at 75% level of consistency.

With the help of Play Attention Victoria was finally able to achieve the status of a Beginning Reader score with her scores continuing to climb with each testing after four months. Victoria is an outstanding student in our program and works very hard. Play Attention and Academic Tutoring will continue this summer, to fill gaps of what she has missed during second and third grade.

Victoria is a pleasure to work with and her growth is amazing to watch. She is much happier with herself and the world since she is able to read and remember things.

Thanks Victoria for your continued attention to hard job of learning – you are an amazing student.

-Play Attention Client

Play Attention for Emmanuel


In August 2015, Emmanuel joined our Play Attention student group. He was starting 4th grade and diagnosed with ADHD. According to his Mom, Emmanuel was in trouble everyday in 3rd grade as he struggled with impulse control of outburst in the classroom. In addition to his impulsive behavior, he was experiencing trouble with reading and math.

The benefit of Play Attention for Emmanuel was evident almost immediately with the stopping of outbursts in the classroom in less than one month after starting Play Attention. His mother states she has not had a call or email from the teacher this year, which is amazing. Emmanuel says he has only had one warning and he is very happy to be in control of his volcano mouth.

Three months after starting Play Attention Emmanuel’s reading skills began to improve and he was able to achieve a reading score. His continued use of Play Attention has helped Emmanuel to sustain the length of his focus and concentration improving his overall academic performance. He is a real trooper and is very diligent in working on his education.

-Play Attention Client

Ann Helped Me Bridge My Life


Ann has helped me to bridge the gap between thinking about how my life could be and really living the life I want. Ultimately, what I’ve accomplished while working with her has been the result of my decisions and actions, but it was her encouraging, intuitive, and simple guidance that finally made me act. It’s amazing how a little time spent reflecting and a few thoughtful questions can make you start to see your life in a different way. I can’t believe how my life has changed in just a few months. If you are remotely considering life coaching, I’d whole-heartedly recommend working with Ann.

-Kaesa A

Layla is more confident and happier at school!


My daughter ​Layla started facing problems in reading in grade one.​ ​She was doing poorly at school​, so ​​I took her to various specialists​. ​I took her to an occupational therapist who said she ​did not have good eye coordination​. Later​ I took her to an educational therapist who said she need​ed​ more attention from her dad,​ (my husband​), who​ travels extensively​ because of his work​​. I​ also​ took her to a visiting optometrist from Denmark who advised on a weird protocol.​ ​

Finally I went to Beirut,​ where they did​ ​comprehensive cognitive testing ​and found my daughter’s ​Auditory and​ ​Visual memory is slightly weak​,​ and ​that ​she ha​s​ mild ADD.​ ​ I ​then ​took her to a speech therapist for​ ​a year ​but found she was no​t​ progressing as she ​was supposed to. ​ ​

By chance I met Ms Haifa​​.​ ​ I went for a Play Attention demo and I was very convinced​! ​ ​After myself, the speech therapist, my daughter’s teacher and the psychologist filled out evaluation forms on my daughter, she began the training.

We did 10 minutes everyday, consisting of 2 Play Attention exercises starting back in February. As of today, (May), she has improved a great deal in all subjects, including Arabic, English, French, Science and Math. It ​has ​even reflected on her self-confidence​, as ​she is more confident and happier at school.​​

-Play Attention Client


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