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A new study, published by researchers at Lehigh University on October 3rd, has shown that even brief Behavioral Therapy, whether online or in-person, can be significantly effective in the anticipation and prevention of child behavior problems and can reduce ADHD symptoms. This can be a game changer for parents of preschool aged children who may have ADHD, as medication therapies are rarely encouraged as first line treatments for this age group.

It is difficult to diagnose ADHD in preschool children because they are normally active and impulsive at that age. Children with ADHD, however, are unable to wait their turn — blurting out answers or cutting to the front of the line, for example — and they may talk excessively. “Young kids with ADHD are incredibly active all the time,” says James Perrin, MD, a pediatrics professor at Harvard Medical School. “Most 4-year-olds are very active in general, but they settle down — take naps, sit for meals. A child with ADHD is on the go all the time.”

And as these children grow older parental training can be the foundation of helping their children communicate their needs and reinforcing appropriate, positive behaviors. The newest member to the Play Attention suite of tools, Nanny’s Circle, can be an instrumental in establishing structure and consistency in your parenting. Join us on our Facebook page, and ask how we can help with your family challenges. If you are a current user of Play Attention, the FOCUS assessment, or Nanny’s Circle, come and tell us your success story. We love to hear how you are doing. Also, you can give us a review, let us know how we are doing!

Learn more about how to help your child control their ADD and ADHD with Play Attention! 

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